Hello, I'm Eva, a yarn and fabric enthusiast with a passion to explore, create, craft, and design patterns. I am Hungarian by origin and lived many years in Norway as an academic before moving to Scotland with my husband and daughter. We now live in a lovely cottage in a small village just outside Glasgow. I spend most of time working as a technical writer and content developer for engineering software products which is completely unrelated to what you will find here.


Stitchdale is my personal website, blog, and online shop dedicated to my passion for knitting and crocheting. My journey started at a very young age when my mum taught me the basics. The rest came little by little. I began designing my first clothes out of scratch, using up unraveled yarn, scrap fabric, and just about anything I could find around the house. Before I was sixteen, I wore my own creations, not always to my mum's satisfaction :-).

If you love knitting and crocheting, I hope you will find some inspiration here. I am gradually adding new patterns, and hope to become more of just a sporadic blogger. To get notified about my updates, sign up to my newsletter.


You can also find sample designs and unique handmade creations in my shop.

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Grab some coffee and look around! To learn about my ongoing projects, to be notified about my updates, and to engage in the conversation, follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Ravelry, or Twitter.

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